Board of Adjustment

The purpose of the Board of Adjustment is to apply the principles that the State of Utah has outlined in order to reconcile small discrepancies between code requirements and existing conditions as they relate to property dimensions, use, or Planning & Zoning issues.  This reconciliation is known as a variance.  The board does not meet on a regular basis but only when an issue arises.  If you have an issue that you feel needs a variance, the procedure requires that the Planning & Zoning Commission review the issue first via zoning permit.  If they reject the issue, then you may appeal to the Board of Adjustment.  They will convene a meeting to hear the issue and decide whether it meets the State’s criteria for granting a variance.  You can find the zoning permit form and the form for BOA appeal on our forms page.  The official structure of the Board of Adjustment can be found in our code here.  Because years can pass between meetings, the board currently has no permanent members.  When the need arises the Mayor and City Council appoint members and train them to hear the arguments and make a decision based on the facts of the issue and State guidelines.

For more information about variances, how they work and what they are, please follow this link to the Utah State Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman.  This site has information and resources that will help you in determining if asking for a variance is right for your situation or if you need to pursue another course: