All completed forms may be submitted to the City Treasurer, Whit Allred, at the email address        Or you may submit them in person at the city office (drop box available after hours) or via USPS.

PLEASE NOTE:  The deadline to submit forms for the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting is 10 (TEN) days before the date of the posted meeting.  This is to allow for proper research and review of materials and cases.

Fees may be paid in person with cash, check or card or you may pay them over the phone with your card or electronic check.  All fees are application fees (unless stated otherwise) and cover processing of the paperwork, copies, and research and review and are therefore expended in that process and are, as such, NON-REFUNDABLE.     

Spring City Cemetery Fees

GRAMA Request Form

Spring City Job Application

Planning & Zoning Forms and Fees

Utility Forms

See our Utilities Page for more Utility Forms and info

Business Licenses


Solar and Other Home Power Generation Forms (Solar overview here)

Solar update 12/10/2023:  Until further notice, Spring City is pausing applications for new solar connections pending an update to the policy and procedure for application.