Welcome to Spring City!  If you are new to Spring City, this is the place to start.  The first thing you should do is fill out an application for utilities which can be found on our Forms page or you can get a printed copy at the office.  This requires a $150 deposit for electric service and $50 deposit for water service.  (Payment can be made in the same way as utility payments.  See below.)  For homeowners, this is refundable after 2 years if you keep your account in good standing (no late payments).  Also for homeowners, the deposit can be waived if you can provide proof of keeping your account in good standing from your most recent utility provider.  If you are a renter, the deposit cannot be waived and must be kept on your account for the entire duration of your rental.  Application also requires a picture ID for the primary account holder.  Completed applications can either be emailed, faxed, or dropped off at the city office, 45 South 100 East.  There is a drop box you can leave them in by the front door if you arrive after hours.

BILLING:  Bills are mailed out at the beginning of each month, or in the case of accounts created after July 1, 2022, available electronically at www.xpressbillpay.com.  Bills are sometimes mailed/emailed with informational fliers or important reports, as well as a calendar of the month’s activities in Spring City.  You should receive it by the 5th although it may come later depending on holidays and weekends at the beginning of the month.  The due date for payment is 5:00PM on the 20th of the month unless that day falls on a holiday or weekend and then the due date is the next business day after the 20th.  There is a 10% penalty added to all late payments.

PAYMENTS:  At the office, we accept cash for utility payments (We do not keep change at the office.  Please plan for this), checks, online checks, money orders, and credit/debit cards.  If you catch us after hours, there is a drop box located next to the front door.  Payment can also be made online and by phone to our office.  We offer automatic payments and paperless billing through our online provider.  Use the Bill Pay tab above.  Accounts that are delinquent for 2 months (not necessarily consecutive) are subject to shutoff.  Should your service(s) be shutoff, you will be required to pay the entire balance of your outstanding utility bill, a $200 deposit (unless you already have a deposit present on your account) and a $60 reconnect fee for each utility that was shut off.  Sewer service cannot be shut off, neither can Fire District fees or Landfill Surcharge.  Even if your utility service is shut off, you will continue to be billed for these services.  This includes voluntary shutoff of other utilities such as for winter or seasonal non-use.

Spring City provides Electric, Water, Sewer, Fire District, and Landfill Surcharge services. (The Landfill Surcharge is not related to garbage pickup.)  Not all services are available in all areas.  All other services are provided by separate providers.  Please see our Utility Info page for more information.

Planning to build or renovate an existing building?  You’ll need a zoning permit for almost any project you are planning.  Spring City is the Zoning Authority, Sanpete County is the Building Authority.  First you must apply for a zoning permit, approved by Spring City, and then you can approach the county building department for a building permit.  (You can actually work with both the city and the county concurrently but the county won’t issue a building permit until the zoning permit is approved) See the Forms tab above for the zoning permit form.  Zoning permits are required not only inside city limits but also in the half-mile buffer zone surrounding the city.  Outside the buffer zone we will assess the need for a zoning permit on a case by case basis based on what utility services you are requesting.

Office Contact Info:  email: treasurer@springcityutah.org, office phone:  435-462-2244 ext 1, or text only to 435-469-0347.  Fax 435-462-2654

Office Location: 45 South 100 East, Spring City, UT  84662

Mailing Address:  PO Box 189, Spring City, UT  84662

Please make checks payable to Spring City Corp.