Spring City has a secondary pressurized water system for irrigation of lawns and gardens.  This system is owned and maintained by Horseshoe Irrigation Company and is not affiliated with Spring City Corporation in it’s corporate structure.  The irrigation company website is www.horseshoeirrigation.com  There you will find all the information about the company that you will need to use your irrigation water.

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Because of the recent increase in subdivisions and new construction in and around Spring City it is necessary to contact Horseshoe Irrigation if you are planning to build a home or subdivide land so that the proper easements for irrigation piping can be obtained before-hand and also to make sure that no major irrigation main lines will cause you grief in your endeavors to build your home.   It’s very inconvenient to run into a 12 inch irrigation pipe you didn’t know was there and turn your excavation into an instant swimming pool!  Please contact Horseshoe Irrigation Company as part of your planning.