Historic Preservation Subcommittee

Because of the historic nature of Spring City, and it’s stance on the National Register of Historic Places, Spring City maintains this subcommittee of the Planning & Zoning Commission that reviews structures that are being built in the historic zone and offers advice as to how to complete these buildings in a way that will be complimentary to the pioneer feel of the town.  While the advice is intended to help Spring City retain it’s historic feel, it is not binding.  The Historic Zone stretches from 500 North to 500 South and extends one half block East and West of Main Street.  The subcommittee’s official structure can be found in our code here.  If you need to contact the subcommittee please contact Spring City Office to make an appointment.

Members of the committee are:

  • Alison Anderson
  • Jhan Miller
  • Craig Paulsen
  • David Rosier
  • Charles Shepherd
  • Bruce Spiegel
  • Kaye Watson
  • Jim Baker