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Power, Water, Sewer (435) 462-2244 then option 4. You will be connected directly to the on-call technician.

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Give autopay a try!  Use a card or your bank account number.  You can also sign up for paperless billing here.  (This is required for all accounts created after July 1, 2023 due in part to the Post Office shortage of boxes for rental.)


Welcome to Spring City! Here you will find lots of useful information about your utilities.

What exactly is in Spring City water?  Just natural spring water!  Spring City doesn’t add anything to the water that is in your pipes beyond the rare chlorination that is required by state law when we have a water sample fail.  Almost all failures are the result of contamination of the sample at the sampling location, not because of contaminated water.  This happens very infrequently and chlorination is usually only for short periods, a day to two days.  Spring City has several spring sources in the mountains East of town as well as three wells in various locations in the vicinity of town.  The wells are only used when the springs cannot provide enough flow.  The water that supplies the DUP monument fountain near the gas station is fed by a separate spring not related to the water in our culinary system.  The City Spring, as it’s called, does not get tested for any purpose and Spring City will NOT guarantee it’s potability, but it has never presented a public health issue.

Our 2023 Water Quality Report is now available online!

Spring City Water Quality Report 2023

Spring City Utility Department provides:

Water, Sewer, and Electric Service.  We also bill for the county mandated charges of Landfill Surcharge (not related to garbage collection) and Fire District Charge.

Natural Gas is provided by Dominion Energy.

Phone, Internet and Cable Television providers include:

CentraCom &

Manti Telecommunications Company

Garbage Pickup is provided by

North Sanpete Disposal

Irrigation Water Company


HEAT Program information

Landfill Info

Follow this link to the Sanpete.com website for landfill information

Solar Power (and Other) Home Power Generation Overview

Solar update 12/10/2023:  Until further notice, Spring City is pausing applications for new solar connections pending an update to the policy and procedure for application.
Solar power, the most common home generation means, is new to Spring City.  5Kw is the MAXIMUM allowable amount of solar power that customers are able to produce, interconnected or not.  New connections are approved at the discretion of the Spring City Power Board and City Council.  These must pass the prescribed permitting process by Spring City and Sanpete County Building Department BEORE they are installed.  Solar (and other) systems that are meant to be used as backup power only or are meant to power the entire property independently must be totally isolated from the Spring City Power Grid can be used only as long as the proper equipment is used to switch between grid power and home generated power.   Although these systems do not affect the grid, your Independent Power Generation apparatus must be approved by Spring City and Sanpete County to make sure it meets uniform building code and it will not supply power to the grid in any way at any time.  This is for the protection of those who service the grid.  If your generating apparatus is mounted on the ground, you must apply for a Spring City Zoning Permit Application.   Approval of the Spring City Power department is required also.  If the apparatus is located inside an existing building or on the roof of an existing structure, only the approval of the power department is needed.  After Spring City approval has been obtained then you may approach the county building and zoning department for their approval.  Please see the Solar (and other) power generation forms and information on the utilities main page.