Spring City Sewer Department

Cory Madsen is the Water and Sewer Superintendent for Spring City.You can reach him by calling the Spring City Office at 435-462-2244 Ext 1 and leave a message.  He will call you back as soon as he is able.

Martin McCain is the City Councilman who is in charge of the Sewer Department.

For after-hours utility emergencies you can call the Spring City Office and Ext 4 and you will be connected to the on-call technician.

Spring City Sanitary Sewer

Spring City owns and operates a gravity flow sanitary sewer system.  The system consists of the drainage pipe grid feeding into the sewer lagoons located West of town.  The system is maintained by Spring City and overseen by the Utah State Health Department.  The sewer system is available in most sections of town although there are locations inside city limits that are too low for the sewer system to flow properly. In those situations a Utah State Health Department approved septic system will need to be used.  Please see the sewer section on our zoning permit form for more information.

New Sewer Connections

Under Utah State code 10-8-38 Utah State Code, item (2) (a) (i) Spring City has the right to require you to hook up to the sewer if the sewer mains pipe is within 300-ft of your property line.  Under Spring City code the city does require it, not only to defray costs of the system but, more importantly, to protect our precious (and famous!) ground water.    We are currently making strides to obtain grants or loans to install the necessary infrastructure to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to hook up to the sewer as cost effectively as possible.  Spring City, at the present time, does not have an impact fee for sewer connections and the hookup fee is simply what it actually costs you to install a lateral from your home to the sewer main.  The new connection must be properly engineered (your responsibility) and approved by the Spring City Sewer Department.  Approval is signed off by the sewer department on the zoning permit application which must also go through the standard approval process of being reviewed by the Zoning Administrator.  Installation is the property owners responsibility.  Spring City no longer installs connections.