Spring City Cemetery

The Spring City Cemetery is located approximately half a mile west of town on Highway 117.  If you are in town, simply turn West on 300 North and you will drive right past it.  This cemetery is notable for the grave of the Apostle Orson Hyde, who’s home still stands on Main Street.  Spring City also has a historic Pioneer Cemetery located at 250 North 100 East.  The Pioneer Cemetery was founded in 1857 with the final burial taking place in 1910.

Records for the Pioneer Cemetery can be found below and are as complete as record keeping for the era will allow.  Records for the Spring City Cemetery are also available but are by no means complete.  Our Cemetery Department has been working diligently to find and correct errors in our database but it remains a work in progress.  If you find errors, incomplete or missing data please contact the Spring City Office and help us fill in the blanks.  Information on, or help in identifying those who are veterans would be especially helpful.

PLEASE NOTE: No burials or disinterments are allowed on holidays.  

Cemetery Fee Schedule

Memorial Day Grave Decoration Rules

Headstone and Monument Placement Rules

Pioneer Cemetery Burial Records (Sorry, we have no grave site map)

Cemetery Lot Map (Old Sections)

Cemetery Lot Map (New Sections) 

Deceased Register (alphabetical) Updated January 2023

Veterans Register  (alphabetical) Updated January 2023