Spring City Electric Department

Kent Kummer is our Power Superintendent.  You can reach him by calling the Spring City Office at 435-462-2244 Ext 1 and leave a message.  He will call you back as soon as he is able.  Martin McCain is the City Councilman who is in charge of the Power Department.

For after-hours utility emergencies you can call the Spring City Office and Ext 4 and you will be connected to the on-call technician.

New Electric Connections                            Electric Rates

See the forms page for electrical standards.  Spring City provides electric power to all properties inside city limits and some areas of the buffer zone where our grid has been established.  New connections must be approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council on a Zoning Permit Application.  While most connections are done in conjunction with new building construction which requires a zoning permit, electric connections for other purposes such as farming applications, can be installed.  Usually these connections only require an Application for Utilities.  The electric department will make that call.  Connections in the buffer zone go through the same approval process as connections inside city limits and sometimes require permission from Rocky Mountain Power in order for Spring City to serve.  In cases where the connection is in the Rocky Mountain Power service area we must receive approval for any connection before we can install any infrastructure.  Approval by RMP can take several months so it’s best to get started as soon as possible if you’re anxious to build.  Please see our Fee Schedule for information on impact fee costs and conditions.  Electric connections are bid on a case-by-case basis.  After your zoning permit is approved you will be given an estimate by our power department for your hookup.  Spring City installs all electric connections but it is your responsibility to trench and install conduit for underground connections from the transformer (pad mount) to the final hookup location.

6 County HEAT Program information

HEAT website  Use this website to determine if you qualify for HEAT assistance.  Contact Info:  435-835-0745  Dorothy Spens dspens@sixcounty.com

The Spring City Grid

Spring City owns and operates its own electric grid with branches that, in some places, extend into the buffer zone and beyond.  We also own and operate a small hydroelectric generation plant at the mouth of Spring City (Oak Creek) Canyon which supplies power for our residents and customers.  While this plant isn’t operable when we have a blackout, it does serve to keep our energy costs low and provide revenue to upgrade the system.

Solar Power (and Other) Home Power Generation Overview

Solar update 12/10/2023:  Until further notice, Spring City is pausing applications for new solar connections pending an update to the policy and procedure for application.
Solar power, the most common home generation means, is new to Spring City.  5Kw is the MAXIMUM allowable amount of solar power that customers are able to produce, interconnected or not.  New connections are approved at the discretion of the Spring City Power Board and City Council.  These must pass the prescribed permitting process by Spring City and Sanpete County Building Department BEORE they are installed.  Solar (and other) systems that are meant to be used as backup power only or are meant to power the entire property independently must be totally isolated from the Spring City Power Grid can be used only as long as the proper equipment is used to switch between grid power and home generated power.   Although these systems do not affect the grid, your Independent Power Generation apparatus must be approved by Spring City and Sanpete County to make sure it meets uniform building code and it will not supply power to the grid in any way at any time.  This is for the protection of those who service the grid.  If your generating apparatus is mounted on the ground, you must apply for a Spring City Zoning Permit Application.   Approval of the Spring City Power department is required also.  If the apparatus is located inside an existing building or on the roof of an existing structure, only the approval of the power department is needed.  After Spring City approval has been obtained then you may approach the county building and zoning department for their approval.  Please see the Solar (and other) power generation forms and information on the utilities main page.