Spring City, from the time of it’s foundation, has been a stronghold of patriotism and valor.  If you visit the Veteran’s Memorial you will see the names of all the individuals who answered the call to serve this fine nation from Spring City.  However, these gallant men and women did not serve as individuals.  They served as one, united in the common defense of the United States of America to protect the freedoms we cherish and defend the Constitution.  They are deserving of our highest respect.  The memorial was constructed entirely through donations to the Spring City Veterans Memorial Association and stands on the North West lawn of the Spring City Community Center located at approximately 124 East Center Street.  If you have suggestions for addition of names to the memorial or for stories and photos you can follow this link to the Facebook page of the association.  The association is always grateful for donations for upkeep and additions to the memorial which can be made through the Facebook page as well.

Spring City Corp is pleased to announce that the World War I and World War II Honor Roll Plaques that were formerly displayed in the foyer of the Spring City Historic Chapel are now displayed in the main entry hall of the Spring City Community Center.  We would like to thank Councilman Courtney Syme for his efforts in preserving these plaques and also for their installation on the wall adjacent to the museum in the Community Center.