Have You Seen Something Interesting?

Have you seen something interesting or noteworthy and taken a snapshot of it?  Share it here!  We would love to see your photos of natural beauty, works of art you are proud of, projects you are working on or anything that is generally uplifting and pleasing to the eye!   Submissions will be posted with or without your name, your choice, but you must identify yourself in order to submit.  Posts will be kept for a month or two and then deleted to make space for new submissions.  We hate to say it but it must be said, all submissions will be reviewed for appropriateness.  All submissions will be understood to be open license so that anyone can save the image from the website and use it.  So if you don’t want it disseminated don’t send it in.  The rules are simple; you must be a resident of the community and your picture must pertain to Spring City or at least contain Spring City.  You can email submissions to treasurer@springcityutah.org or you can drop them off at the city office.

Talented Young Show Jumper


This young lady is aspiring to be a competition show jumper!

Show of Patriotism for a Fallen Hero


Autumn is Upon Us


Harry Potter Paid Spring City a Visit!